International Franchising

Expanding your business internationally can be one of the most difficult yet rewarding business challenges for any company. If you get it right, it can turn your business into a global brand and significantly increase the value of the business.

Increasingly, more and more businesses are turning to franchising to enable them to move into regions, countries and continents where their products and services are in demand.

Typically, the brand owner awards the rights to operate the business under a Master Franchise Agreement (sometimes called a Master License Agreement) within a specific region, country or even a continent. The successful individual or company needs to demonstrate their suitability to operate the business to the owner’s satisfaction and generally is expected to sub-franchise within their agreed territory, taking on the role of the franchisor.

This will involve the Master Franchisee in finding, selecting, training and supporting their sub-franchisees to build the brand following the systems, procedures and brand guidelines prescribed by the Franchisor.

The benefits of using a Master Franchise arrangement include:

The process of franchising internationally, requires careful research, identification of key markets and finding suitable ‘partners’ who share your company ethos and values. Be Franchising can work with you to help you develop your international expansion plan, producing all of the required documentation, advice on fee structures and even help you find prospective Master Franchisee candidates.

It all starts with a free, no obligation initial discussion to help you understand the process and advise on the suitability of your business to expand internationally, using a franchised model.

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