Franchise Your Business

For many ambitious business owners, expanding their business is often hampered by lack of money, limited resources and too much day to day involvement within their operation.

However, for many companies, franchising an already successful business concept can be an excellent way of growing the brand and your income. What’s more, by expanding through franchising, the entrepreneur quickly increases brand awareness and harnesses the investment from franchisees to capture market share, improve buying power and increase sales and production of their products and services.

Franchised businesses nearly always out-perform non-franchised businesses and have proven to be generally more resilient, especially in tough economic times. The latest annual survey of the UK franchise sector, conducted by NatWest and the British Franchise Association, shows that the sector grew by £2 billion pounds in 2017 compared to 2015, to contribute £17.2 billion to the UK economy.

In addition, the survey also reveals that:

Franchised businesses exist in almost every sector from food, retail and leisure, to education, gardening and even funeral services! Indeed, there are over 900 franchise brands in the UK operating 48,600 outlets and that figure rises to over 745,000 outlets in the USA! Some of the biggest brands in the world are franchised taking advantage of the benefits of franchising to protect the model, grow sales and incorporate the added commitment you get from franchisees who have a financial stake in the brand.

If you are based in North East England, you may also qualify for up to 40% grant funding to help you on your journey. And as Be Franchising is the UK's only not for profit franchise consultancy, you are guaranteed best value.

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