About Us

Be Franchising specialises in all matters relating to franchising within the UK and Internationally. We provide expert help, guidance, training and support to individuals and companies looking to use franchising as part of their business solution.

You see, we’ve been there and worn the T-Shirt. We have experience of owning and operating our own franchises and have been through the process of starting up our own franchise network from scratch.

Our managing director is a past board director of the British Franchise Association (9 years) and held the position of chairman of the Franchise Group for Scotland for 2 years. So, we think we know the theory and the practice!

Given our past ties with the British Franchise Association and our direct franchising background, you can be assured that we have experience in all aspects of operating ethical franchise systems. Whether you need help in assessing, selecting or buying a franchise or want assistance to franchise your business using a franchise model, Be Franchising has the knowledge, skills and support to help you achieve your aims.

We offer a full range of services from assessment of your businesses suitability to franchise the model, to help and support to find, train and get the most out of your franchised network.

If you want expert advice, guidance and practical support on any franchising matter, contact us today:

Phone: 07507 843547 / 01833 631 036

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